Compact Excavators For Sale In Suffolk County

Small and compact, yet powerful enough for most tasks our mini excavators are packed with the features you need for landscaping, trenching, drainage piping, and more without the cost and maintenance requirements of our competitors.

Raptor Excavators have a compact body, allow multiple attachments and bucket sizes for every job.

Mini Skid Steers For Sale In Suffolk County

A mini skid steer enhances the efficiency and productivity of outdoor tasks such as landscaping, site work, and grading. While the price of most of our competitors units are out of reach for the occasional user the price point of our units allows even those contractors with less than daily requirements another tool to increase efficiency.

To explore the possibilities we offer or to obtain an estimate for a compact track skid loader, please contact us at 631-201-7566.


Locally owned and operated

We are a family owned & operated business based out of Southampton NY.

Fully customizable equipment

In most cases, we can customize your Raptor Excavator to your specific needs. 

Financing available through our lending partner

Apply online with our lending partner. Receive a decision within as little as 30 seconds.

Simple, online application process.

Raptor Equipment was founded to provide quality machinery at  affordable prices. Our machines are packed with the features you need and lack the technology you don’t. This means more uptime and less time waiting for specialized parts and factory mechanics.

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We’ve Been Building For Over 30 Years

Durable, reliable equipment that will exceed your expectations 

Client Testimonials

“I had a fantastic experience with RAPTOR Equipment in Southampton! Their team was incredibly knowledgeable and helped me find the perfect equipment for my business needs. I am highly satisfied with the quality of the equipment, and it has significantly improved our job site productivity. I would definitely recommend RAPTOR Equipment to anyone looking for top-notch construction equipment and exceptional customer service!” 
John M

Business Owner

“Thank you, RAPTOR Equipment, for going above and beyond to meet our requirements. The staff was attentive and took the time to understand our specific needs, ensuring we got the right equipment for our construction project. They were also readily available to answer our questions and provided helpful maintenance tips. It’s been a pleasure doing business with RAPTOR Equipment, and we’ll certainly be returning for future equipment needs.” 
Sarah T.

Project Manager

“I can’t say enough about RAPTOR Equipment. From the moment I reached out to inquire about their products, they were responsive and attentive. The team guided me through the selection process, considering both my budget and requirements. The equipment they provided was top-notch, and they made sure everything was in perfect working condition before delivery. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of reliable and high-quality equipment!” 
Mark L.

Project Manager

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